About Us

With the rise of globalization, local culture and traditional values have become increasingly important. People have realized that embracing their own culture is a significant part of their lives.

Over the past 30 years, the number of artisans and craftsmen have diminished considerably by around 30%. Since childhood, my true passion has always been to serve the local community by being a social worker & cultural entrepreneur. Therefore, I’m on the mission to support local artisans, Because it is one true way of helping our local economy grow by promoting them on a bigger level.
Additionally, culture enhances the quality of our lives & it also increases the wellness of both individuals and communities.

Presenting our authentic handmade cultural products through Beroj in today’s increasingly borderless global economy, we are able to improve the existing state of our local economy & growth of cultural industry.

Our culture, traditional values, and history are vital to who we are as a society. To preserve and promote local authentic handmade cultural goods & products. we are endorsing our products made exclusively by local artisans and craftsmen.

Through Beroj, we could not only help support the artisans, but also keep the cultural arts and crafts alive.

During the production of Beroj products, we make exceptional use of culture as a source of modernization and innovation. Cultural aspects not only tell the story of our past but they also communicate our core contexts and memories that are embedded in local craftsmen’s and artisans’ minds.

By our impressive product design, Beroj is able to embrace creativity, aesthetics and function.

As a result, Beroj attempts to use cultural products to explore artisans’ prestige for growth of cultural industries in Pakistan.


To create regional opportunity, prosperity and growth by being the absolute provider of cultural goods locally and internationally.


To empower regional artisans to produce innovative and authentic handmade cultural
products with the confidence to improve our cultural industry.


We demand high standards of quality, ethics and integrity from our employees and manufacturers. We pride ourselves in:

treating our customers with respect;

developing trust, credibility and integrity;

demanding a high standard from our employees;

creating an environment for our employees that caters to respect, fairness and opportunities for personal and professional growth; and

being a productive and contributing member of the society.

Founder Beroj
Shahid Ali Khan

Helping Youth Pakistan

CEO Tour da pekhawar
(Project aim to promote Culture, Heritage, history & Peace Tourism